Project details

House-to-house advice

Project target

Activation and informing of the house owners on the spot

Time periodDecember 2011 to April 2012
Target groupHouse owners in the pilot area of InnovationCity
Project idea

Due to the area-wide on-the-spot activation in the pilot area those house owners are to be activated, informed and made inquisitive who so far  have not seen the necessity of energy advice of their own accord. On the spot, with the help of a brief energy check of the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU), the refurbishing/modernisation requirements of the house or flat are roughly estimated. With the help of a traffic light system the different components of the building are assessed and possible approaches for refurbishing are indicated. If interest in further advice is shown, contact information is recorded and a free-of-charge initial advice session at the Centre for Information and Advice (ZIB) is arranged. Within the scope of approximately 1.5 hour advisory talks the latter provides guidance regarding meaningful measures for the improvement of the energy efficiency of the property and of the building services. Moreover it is possible to avail oneself of the "InnovationCity Compact Energy Advice". This advisory session is a personal analysis directly in the residential building that is carried out by an independent and technically qualified  energy consultant (qualification: engineer, architect or technician/master craftsman with additional qualification).

Project partnersPartner network (energy consultants), business partner (RWE), German Federal Environmental Foundation
Project statusCompleted, about 9,000 buildings within the project area were visited.
Contact personRüdiger Schumann