Official project presentation by InnovationCity Essen | Eltingviertel

• Holistic and sustainable development of the Eltingviertel planned • Involvement of business, owners and residents • Energy-efficient and liveable environment for people in the quarter

Essen, 15 April 2015 –Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE, the City of Essen and Innovation City Management GmbH today officially presented the InnovationCity Essen | Eltingviertel project. At the press conference in the quarter known as Eltingviertel in Essen, NRW Minister of Construction Michael Groschek, Lord Mayor Reinhard Paß as well as Rolf Buch, CEO of Deutsche Annington presented the project as well as objectives and background facts.

The partners involved are striving with the InnovationCity concept successfully tested in Bottrop for a holistic and sustainable quarter development in the Eltingviertel. At the same time property values are to be safeguarded, CO2 emissions reduced and the quality of life and feeling of well-being are to be increased for the people in the quarter.

Involvement of all the local players
In order to ensure the sustainable success of such a project, the players, owners, further stakeholder groups as well as local companies will be integrated into in the process. With the signing of a “letter of intent“, besides Deutsche Annington, the City of Essen and Innovation City Management GmbH also the Emschergenossenschaft (Emscher cooperative), STEAG Fernwärme and RWE have declared their intention of participating in the project.

In addition, also individual private owners, residents, institutions for education and social matters, religious communities, associations, creative and committed people as well as the retail trade and traders can and must also joint the project. In that way, residents of the Eltingviertel will have, among other things, an opportunity to formulate ideas and suggestions, e.g. on the design and structuring of open spaces as well as in the case of questions on the subject of mobility.

Development of the concept
The selection of the Eltingviertel as the first InnovationCity outside of Bottrop can be explained with the existing building structure and infrastructure, the position within the area of the city, the developments taking place in the surrounding areas and the concepts already initiated by politicians and the administration.

Initiated and commissioned by Deutsche Annington, Innovation City Management GmbH, together with the sales partners AS&P – Albert Speer & Partner GmbH and Gertec GmbH Ingenieurgesellschaft, elaborated an administrative scoping study on holistic development of quarters. This comprises, on the one hand, energy-related optimisation of Deutschen Annington’s buildings, but, on the other hand, also of the public space, for example open spaces and green spaces, and further urban planning development.

Planned measures
During the first phase of the project Deutsche Annington’s northern housing blocks are focused on. There the existing night storage heaters are to be replaced by district heating, balconies are to be enlarged, windows replaced, cellar and top floor ceilings are to be insulated, façades and staircases are to be reworked and the house entrance areas are to be renewed. Added to that will be the comprehensive planning and reworking of the open spaces in these areas. The company will provide an investment amount of about 9.3 million euros for the measures of the first phase. For the planning of these modernisation measures care was also taken to ensure that they do not lead to any excessive financial burden on the tenants. The model yields affordable housing space for the people in the quarter.

Moreover, the City of Essen will check various urban planning development proposals from the administrative scoping study. This includes the structuring of public space, mobility and transport as well as the linking of the Eltingviertel to the adjacent quarters – city centre, ”green centre” as well as the campus of the University of Duisburg-Essen. These measures are to be integrated into the existing urban renewal concept “Socially Integrative City Altenessen-Süd/Nordviertel” and hence make a contribution to the strategy Essen.2030 within the field of action Essen.urban.