Project details

LED street lighting test

Project target

Checking of the product LED street luminaire in the actual practice test.

Time period2009 to 2020
Target groupPublic roads (population)
Project idea

Checking of the generally represented statements on LED lighting in public spaces by means of test routes with different products. At the specific local examples of installations the actual savings potential, the type and quality of the lighting as well as the acceptance in the population are to be discussed. By means of continuous further extension of the test areas with, in each case, up-to-date luminaires the development of the technology is to be comprehended.

Project partnersLuminaire companies: at present Siteco, Philips, Trilux, WE-EF, Hess, Hella, Vulkan, Schreder
Project statusSince November 2009 department 66 of the City of Bottrop has been extending LED test routes for street lighting in the roads An der Sandbahn, Im Stadtgarten, Lehmkuhlerstraße and Randebrockstraße aus. Currently department 66 is testing a total of 49 LED street luminaires from various producers both for service roads and for main access roads and through roads. Moreover, suitable LED street luminaires are being sought for these test routes and added in order to gain further experience. LED luminaires also made good development progress in 2012 (efficiency increases of approx. 30 %). It can be assumed that at the earliest in approx. 2-3 years a stagnation in the improvement of the LED luminaires will occur. After that, according to the present state of knowledge no further massive improvements in efficiency and service life will be expected.
Contact personThorsten Radau