Project details

Newly built housing estate in Heimannstraße - Deutsche Reihenhaus

Project target

Construction of an energy-efficient new housing estate on a former production site in the pilot area of InnovationCity Ruhr | Model City Bottrop.

Time period2012 to 2016
Target groupResidents
Project idea

On the approximately 24,000 m² large site a sustainable new housing estate with 92 housing units is to be constructed. The sustainable concept at the same time comprises the construction standards in the Reconstruction and Loan Corporation's (KfW) 70 to 55 standard involving a centralised CHP plant for local power supply. Supplementing the centralised heat supply the individual buildings are to be equipped with heating units which increase the temperature level in keeping with requirements and hence prevent  line losses in the local heating network.

Project partnersDeutsche Reihenhaus AG
Project statusPlanning phase, urban development plan has been received; the creation of the necessary planning rights has been initiated
Contact personKamil Folta