Project details

Integrated urban development in Welheimer Mark

Project target

Sustainable conversion of the city quarter Welheimer Mark as a test area for the development in the pilot area

Time period2011 to 2020
Target groupOwners, tenants, housing companies, new residents, electric utility companies, companies, service providers, craftsmen and tradesmen, scientific and research circles
Project idea

The Welheimer Mark quarter is situated in the south-eastern area of the city of Bottrop and is distinguished by a coexistence typical of the Ruhr of housing, industrial and business use. Welheimer Mark hence reflects the Innovation City I Model city Bottrop in small format and is a good demonstration example of how a region can be set up for a  "sustainable future".  The assets of the city quarter include the generously dimensioned open spaces, the conversion of the Emscher as well as from an economic point of view the development of the areas of the former coal/oil plant to produce an  "energy and technology park". The  Welheimer Mark provides with the hydrogen pipeline, the waste water treatment plant as a producer and the Prosper coking-oven plant as a protential supplier of hydrogen a constellation of innovative building blocks of hydrogen technology. A further stimulus for development of the area is provided by the future  "Energy and technology park", in the what are referred to as the "green technologies" in which, among other things, the areas of geothermy, biomass, hydrogen, etc. are to be located. The reshaping of the Emscher close to nature opens up further opportunities for settlement development; above all within the scope of the construction of new housing units. Here, by means of climate protection-friendly building accents are to be placed. Further topics, such as optimisation of district heating, decentralised supply structures, regenerative energies, intelligent systems etc., have within the scope of the area of "conversion" a fundamental significance and are linked with, among other things, the further development of the Sustainable Business Park Kruppwald Knippenburg. For that, with the help of the program EnEff:Stadt – Bottrop Welheimer Mark an overall energy concept is to be worked out .

Project partnersAir Liquide, City of Bottrop, Emscher Genossenschaft (Cooperative), electric utility companies, industrial estate Kruppwald-Knippenburg, private owners, RAG, NRW-owned road operator, Ruhr Regional Association, Thyssen Krupp Real Estate and other companies, scientific and research circles
Project statusSince 2004 urban renewal area Social City, implementation of a comprehensive settlement renewal concept in cooperation with measures for rainwater decoupling, award of contract for the Potential and Feasibility Study "Energy and Technology Park", EnEff:City – Bottrop, Welheimer Mark
Contact personMareen Heinemann