Project details

European Energy Award

Project target

With the eea measures are worked out, initiated and implemented that contribute to renewable energy sources being increasingly used and non-renewable resources being used efficiently.

Time periodDecember 2012 to December 2015
Target groupCities, municipalities and rural districts
Project idea

The European Energy Award stands for a city that - as a function of its possibilities - makes above-average efforts in municipal energy policy. Cities and municipalities are today actively engaged in a large number of municipal networks. With the Award these declarations of intent are transferred to a sustainable energy policy.

Based on quality management systems from business the European Energy Award is a process-oriented method in which step by step the administration processes and the participation of the population - in other words customer-orientation  - are improved further.

Due to the clear objectives, the detailed collection of performance indicators, their quantifying and a structured controlling and reporting system the European Energy Award fits in an optimum manner into a modern administration management.

To this end in the following fields of action concepts are being worked out and implemented:
- Regional development
- Municipal buildings, facilities
- Supply, disposal
- Mobility
- Internal organisation
- Communication, cooperation

Project partnersCity of Bottrop - Department of the Environment and Green Areas, Innovation City Management GmbH, committed citizens and companies and infas enermetric Consulting GmbH
Project statusCurrent planning of measures and preparation for the external audit
Contact personRainer Jesenek