Project details

Redox flow battery storage system

Project target

The aim of the project is the implementation of a load management system for electricity in an industrial or commercial business. In this case an existing photovoltaic system is to be supplemented by a power storage system in order to maximise the consumption of site-generated power and to largely supply the business with energy produced locally from renewable sources.

Time periodFrom spring 2013
Target groupTraders, owners of photovoltaic installations and small combined heat and power units (CHPs)
Project idea

The existing photovoltaic installation with a peak capacity of about 70 kW from the company of Technoboxx is to be supported by a so-called redox flow battery. The latter stores the current produced in times with low electricity demand, such as at the weekends, and delivers it in the event of high demand or low electricity production. The company of Technoboxx hence optimises the consumption of site-generated power so that the photovoltaic installation can be operated more economically and less purchase of electricity  from the grid is necessary.
The redox flow battery is a chemical electricity storage unit. Storage is carried out by charged electrolytes which are stored in liquid form in separate tanks. For power consumption and/or output the liquids are pumped through a cell in which a charge exchange takes place through a membrane.
The electrolytes do in fact show a lower energy density and require relatively large tanks, but the battery has a low self-discharge, a high cycle stability and is technically scalable to a very great extent. The efficiency is higher than 80%.

Project partnersFraunhofer Umsicht (Fraunhofer Institute for the Environment, Safety and Power Engineering), Technoboxx
Project statusAuthorisation of development is expected.
Contact personUlrich Kaak