We do climate protection

Master plan climate-optimised urban redevelopment

You live in Bottrop – and know your city quarter best.

Therefore your ideas on climate protection are so important here locally. Our goal: 50 % less climate-harming CO2 emission in a part of Bottrop by 2020 with simultaneous improvement of the quality of life – that is  InnovationCity.

For that purpose we presented a Master plan in February  2014 that collates ideas, knowledge and experience from Bottrop citizens and experts  – for a healthy climate and a city worth living in.


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What is climate-friendly urban conversion? What is the Master plan needed for and which area does it cover? What does it achieve for Bottrop and its citizens?

Here we give answers to the most frequently asked questions on the Master plan

The Master plan

Script for InnovationCity Ruhr  I  Model City Bottrop

The final draft of the Master plan "Climate friendly urban conversion" was presented on 13 February 2014 and introduced to the Council of the City of Bottrop on 18 February 2014.

At its meeting on 8 April 2014 the Council of the City of Bottrop unanimously passed the following  resolutions:

  • The excerpts from the  "Master plan for climate-friendly urban conversion for InnovationCity Ruhr | Model City Bottrop" with the headings "General Principle of InnovationCity Ruhr | Model City  Bottrop" and "Field of Action-related Development Objectives and Strategies" are decided on as the general basis for the future urban development in the pilot area of InnovationCity Ruhr in Bottrop.
  • The "Master plan for climate-friendly urban conversion" is to be taken into acount for future planning and measures for urban development in the pilot area of InnovationCity Ruhr and - as far as possible - in Bottrop.
  • The administration is entrusted with the task, in cooperation with Innovation City Management GmbH, of stepwise further developing project ideas of the "Master plan for climate-friendly urban conversion" and of implementing them within the scope of an appropriate division of labour. To implement the indvidual projects the resolutions of the parliamentary bodies responsible in each case are to be prepared and obtained.
  • The administration is entrusted with the task of checking the receipt of subsidies for the projects listed in the Master plan within the scope of the Funding Guideline for Urban Renewal and other funding programmes and acquiring appropriate grants.

Hence the principles of the Master plan in weighing up against the preparation of  urban land-use plans and other municipal  departmental plans are to be taken into account  (in accordance with Art.  1, paragraph 6 Np. 11 of the German Construction Code) and represent an urban planning development concept.

1,300 pages - 350 projects

The Master plan comprises, on about 1,300 pages, a broad range of contents and binds a large part of the 125 projects initiated so far into an overall framework with a total of about 350 projects. The Master plan deals with, apart from the energy-related conversion of residential quarters and business parks, also decentralised generation, storage and distribution of renewable energies – the basis for the "Bottom-up turnaround in energy policy“. Moreover, measures for environmentally friendly mobility and adjustment of the urban space to climatic change are taken into account. The Master plan forms the basis  for a climate-friendly, livable and economically successful  urban development in the Model City Bottrop and hence the "script" for the future of InnovationCity Ruhr.

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Having a say

100 ideas via online forms

From 16 April 2013 until 30 November 2013, the Bottrop residents had the opportunity to contribute their ideas and visions to the Master plan for climate-friendly urban conversion. This opportunity was actively taken: more than 2,000 times the "Take part" button was clicked and very nearly 100 entries were collected via the online form. These suggestions were taken into account during the elaboration of the Master plan.

Joining in the planning

The residents' workshops

Anyone who wanted to discuss his/her ideas in personal talks with the planning team could register for one of the five scheduled residents' workshops. The workshops were held at different places in the Bottrop city quarters during May 2013. In total more than 300 ideas and suggestions were collected.