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You ask about the Master plan, we answer!

Taking part assumes that you have all of the necessary information also on the planning process. For this reason you will here find the answers to the most frequently asked questions all around the Master plan for InnovationCity Ruhr.

What do you actually understand by climate-friendly urban conversion?

Most greenhouse gases harmful to the environment are today emitted  in the large towns and cities. On order to contain climatic change and its catastrophic consequences for humans and the environment it is necessary to convert our cities in such a way that they consume less energy, emit fewer pollutants and deal with nature in a more responsible way. Because the cities  – at least in our country  – are already to a large extent already completely built up and now are growing only slowly, it is not sufficient to only design the building and city quarters being newly added as climate-friendly. An attempt must also be made to convert as many existing residential and commercial buildings, industrial halls and the existing technical equipment of the city as possible (e.g. power plants, electricity networks, waste water cleaning plants, transport systems etc.) in order to reduce their energy consumption and emission of pollutants. That is an enormous challenge. The effects of climatic change affect cities worldwide and the frequency of extreme weather events will increase also in Germany. Concreted over and therefore overheated city centres, floods after heavy rain and severe gales endanger people in their urban living environment. With measures for adaptation to the climate  – unsealing and greening, future-oriented water management and upgrading of the free space - we can. however, prepare Bottrop for it and hence mitigate or even completely avoid the negative consequences of climate change.

Bottrop is worldwide one of the the first cities to take up the great challenge of climate-friendly urban conversion, and to approach it with a system and lots of ideas  –  with the Master plan for InnovationCity Ruhr.

What is the Master plan for InnovationCity Ruhr and what is it used for?

The Master plan sets clear objectives for the climate-friendly conversion of a whole pilot area with 70,000 inhabitants at the heart of Bottrop (map of the pilot area). There we want to reduce the emission of CO2 that is harmful for the climate by 50 % by 2020 and at the same time to make the city greener and more worth living in. The Master plan for InnovationCity Ruhr points the way to the goal – not only on paper but with many specific projects which are to be implemented in the next few years. It is therefore also a "timetable" for implementation and shows where in the city with what measures and projects in the areas of living, working, energy, transport and city the most CO2 can be saved.  In addition it specifies intermediate targets for the period up to 2020 and makes their achievement verifiable. 

Who prepares the Master plan InnovationCity Bottrop? 

The Master plan is a key project of Innovation City Management GmbH, Bottrop, which has commissioned a joint venture of four engineering, planning and consulting offices with the preparation of the plan: they are AS&P - Albert Speer und Partner GmbH (Frankfurt), Büro Drecker (Bottrop), conlab Managementberatung GmbH (Düsseldorf) and Gertec GmbH (Essen).

Innovation City Management GmbH additionally has strong partners from business and science that make progressive technology and the latest research results available for the Master plan and its projects. Bottrop's administration and politicians are, in numerous work groups and boards,  involved in the development of the  InnovationCity Master plan and contribute their knowledge and experience there.

How was it possible to participate in the Master plan?

Because the Master plan needs strong  civic foundations,  in Bottrop it was worked out not only by experts, but by all those in the city who have ideas and wanted to become active. In May 2013 residents' workshops were held in the city quarters, at which experts and Bottrop citizens were able to exchange ideas and work together. A further planning workshop in June  2013 was aimed at entrepreneurs and associations. Furthermore, there was also an opportunity for everyone to send suggestions and ideas on the Master plan to an online idea box or to hand them in at the ZIB (Centre for Information and Advice) by mid-June 2013. In the summer and late autumn two residents' forums were  then held at which the Master plan for InnovationCity Ruhr was put forward for discussion. 

What does the Master plan do for the city?

The Master plan for InnovationCity Ruhr combines climate protection as the goal with the enhancement of the quality of life on the spot. The Master plan shows what all those involved – administration, politics, companies, associations, citizens – can do together in order to achieve these goals. By the commitment of Innovation City Management GmbH and the work on the Master plan people get together to implement projects which  otherwise would not have been implemented or without climate protection measures being taken into account. New technologies which are tested in Bottrop make the city well-known and strengthen local business and trades and crafts. Support by scientific circles, in particular by the Ruhr West University of Applied Science in Bottrop, makes the city attractive as a location for  promising environmental technologies. Hence the Master plan is an investment in Bottrop's future.

What does the Master plan do for the residents?

Climate-friendly urban conversion is a team effort in which everyting depends on the energy of each individual. From it everyone benefits: more green and meeting places outdoors, cleaner air, a more attractive cityscape with renewed façades, lower energy costs, more pleasant room air conditions at home and lively district centres.

The Master plan therefore makes specific suggestions as to how the residents should be given support for climate protection  at home, in their streets amd in their city quarters. That comprises measures for personal energy and refurbishing/modernisation consulting , information on the use of financial funding routes as well as everyday tips on consumer behaviour or for the choice of means of transport. Finally the Master plan shows how everyone can, depending on his/her powers and possibilities, protect the climate, consume less energy and make life in Bottrop better.

How long did the whole planning process take?

The preliminary draft for the Master plan was submitted in July  2013 and in the late summer of 2013 it was presented within a residents' forum. After that it was once again revised. The final draft of the Master plan for "climate-friendly urban conversion" of InnovationCity Ruhr was completed in February 2014 and in April 2014 Bottrop city council voted unamously in favour of its essential features.

What happens after the completion of the Master plan? 

According to the Master plan process now the implementation of the many measures and projects is to be tackled, which will be supported by Innovation City Management GmbH as the leader. The framework for this will be formed by the implementation concept that is an integral part of the Master plan. In the implementation phase running until 2020, Innovation City Management GmbH will regularly check progress towards the achievement of the climate protection goals and like a conductor of an orchestra ensure that the actions of all involved are well coordinated.