Project details

Commercial building, Hochstraße 33 - 41

Project target

Stimulation of the range of shops and businesses in Bottrop's inner city by means of the energy-optimised construction of a new modern commercial building with a useable floor space of 5,000 m² over 4 floors in the pedestrian area with shop premises on the ground floor and specialist medical practices on the upper floors.

Time periodFrom spring 2014
Target groupTraders, Bottrop residents
Project idea

The buildings at Hochstraße 33 to 41 are to be demolished and replaced by an energy-optimised building. For that purpose already today the requirements of the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) 2014 are being applied which only have to be fully met from 2016. Heat is supplied by means of heat pumps and the use of waste heat by connection to the district heating network. Particular importance is attached to the coordinated air-conditioning and ventilation of the building with heat recovery. On the other hand, the possible use of photovoltaics was dispensed with for  accounting reasons. The project shows possibilities of an implementation of energy-optimised construction, without falling back on technical solutions going further and is therefore a good example of the implementation of and support for climate targets in the everyday life of a large number of building owners."       

Project partnersBuilding owner Stadtmann, architects Strelzig and Klump, Martin Hase GE
Project statuscompleted
Contact personRüdiger Schumann