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Innovation Manual - The InnovationCity guide

Transferability of the results in Bottrop

Building upon the experience gained from the  master plan process in the InnovationCity Ruhr | Model City  Bottrop Innovation City Management GmbH now presents a "Guide to Climate-compatible City Conversion" transferable to other towns, cities and regions. This guide contains practical recommmen-dations for organisation, planning and implementation of projects in climate-compatible city conversion.

In this context, in the form of checklists first of all central questions are asked which come up like this or in similar form in any relatively large project in climate-friendly city conversion, and are answered against the background of InnovationCity Ruhr in Bottrop. This guide does not claim absolute completeness, but it is intended as an introduction and work aid for everybody wishing to take up this challenge in the future.

For the preparation of the guide a consortium consisting of the planning offices AS&P – Albert Speer und Partner GmbH (Frankfurt), Büro Drecker (Bottrop), conlab GmbH (Düsseldorf) and Gertec GmbH Ingenieurgesellschaft (Essen), was responsible. This team had previously already developed the master plan "Climate-friendly City Conversion" für InnovationCity Ruhr | Model City Bottrop.

Are you interested in having an electronic version of the  InnovationCity Guide? Then send us an e-mail to and we will send you the guide as a PDF.

Please note that the InnovationCity Guide is available in German only.