Project details

Energy-related renewal of the one-family house areas dating from the 50s to 70s

Project target

Via consulting within the scope of a visit individual owners are to be reached directly in order in that way to mobilise them in the direction of investments in the refurbishment of their propertry.

Time period2012
Target groupHome owners
Project idea

NRW.Urban has, jointly with the NRW.Bank developed a scheme for energy-related renewal and structural optimisation of one-family houses, in particular those dating from the 50s to 70s. Successful mobilisation of individual owners on a scale which is also quantitatively effective for the implementation  of this scheme is only possible if quarter by quarter within the scope of an integrated approach, consulting takes place within the scope of a visit and by means of specific enlightenment and initial potential and cost estimates the owners can be won over for an investment. Within the scope of Innovation City this process is to be used for the first time. It is envisaged that in a first phase in a residential quarter with approx. 100 housing units a local, active consulting concept will be operationalised, applied and checked for further development at other locations. A suitable project area has been found in the area of the residential quarter  Fähndrichsweg, Im Wilmkesfeld and Windmühlenweg.    

Project partnersOwners, NRW.Urban, NRW.Bank, City of Bottrop, Z.I.B.
Project statusThe fixing of a date for a kick-off event, presentation of the project and of the envisaged sequence is in progress.
Contact personManfred Stein