Project details

Batenbrock-Nord city quarter (Reconstruction Loan Corporation scheme)

Project target

Energy-related refurbishment of a city quarter with particular reference to urban planning, protection of historical buildings and monuments, housing sector-related and social concerns

Time period2011 to 2014
Target groupOwners of houses and flats, housing construction companies and occupiers
Project idea

The central aim of the integrated quarter concept is to show ways and possibilities of how by the combination of various measures the energy consumption can be reduced and the highest possible effect can be achieved for an increase in energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies. This is followed by a comprehensive survey of the building typology, the heatings systems fitted, the supply structure and the units installed for decentralised power supply. By means of a measure-orientated analysis the space-related need for action in conjunction with suitable measures is shown. It is important in this case that the owners and inhabitants in the quarter should be involved in the process.        

Project partnersKfW bank group, housing construction company VIVAWEST, Gertec offices and IKU-Dialoggestalter (dialogue designers) as well as the City of Bottrop
Project statusAfter the issue of a positive funding notification in February 2012, the Gertec office was commissioned jointly with the communication office IKU_DIE DIALOGGESTALTER with the preparation of the quarter concept by early 2014. Based on the analyses of the existing stock, the aim is to find tailor-made bundles of measures by a stepwise participation process going as far as the owners and occupiers. After an intensive participation process the refurbishment and implementation concept was completed by the end of February 2014. At present funding for a refurbishment manager is being applied for in order to set the process on the spot in motion.
Contact personKarl-Heinz Maaß