INTRA Photovoltaics

INTRA photovoltaics

Solar energy is the future
International and innovative

The INTRA photovoltaics team can provide you with a comprehensive service: technical services and consultancy for the installation of solar systems on commercial and residential buildings. Planning, purchasing and installation from a single source. As a wholesale trader, the Systems House serves as the perfect complement to the technical service of  INTRA photovoltaics in the areas of sales and logistics.

The offices and warehouses of our dynamic company are located at Ottostraße 29 in Bochum-Wattenscheid. Here, expert in-house engineers design your solar system, while our management department ensures the smooth execution of projects. Our sales staff and installation teams, consisting of electricians, roofing masters and their assistants, also have their base of operations here.

Thanks to its commercial success, INTRA photovoltaics has also been expanding into neighbouring European countries, and is now supplying components to international partners. With Leclanché we have found a solid partner in energy storage technology and battery systems .The choice of the right energy storage technology is determined by the application.


INTRA photovoltaics Systemhaus GmbH

Ottostraße 26
44867 Bochum / Germany

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