Project details

Energy box

Project target

School pupils are to acquire knowledge about the use of renewable energies by means of experiments.

Time period2014 / 2015
Target groupSchool pupils
Project idea

The energy box is to support teachers in year levels 4 to 6 without any special prior knowledge in integrating the topic of renewable energies into lessons  using attractive learning methods.
The "boxes" contain extensive material and measuring instruments for a total of 27 experiments by the school pupils, a file folder with instructions for the teachers and copyable work sheets for the pupils as well as a CD-ROM with all of the materials.
The energy box was conceived as a station learning group system for the varied aspects of renewable energies. In this case important aspects of education for sustainable development and development cooperation are integrated. The energy boxes can be incorporated into teaching without any special prior knowledge. The equipment permits the most varied forms of teaching. Due to attractive learning methods they are, moreover, also suitable for extra-mural use.
Several teaching units (depending on the size and the group about four to eight hours) on various subject areas can be performed with the whole class. The main emphasis is on experimental familiarisation with and working out of the following topics: energy in everyday life, renewable energies, wind energy, hydroelectric power, solar energy, bioenergy, geothermal energy.
The equipment in the energy boxes also permits other forms of teaching. For example in the classroom experiments with solar cells can be demonstrated in small groups.

Project partnersAssociation for the Promotion of Renewable Energies and Energy-saving Technologies (Verein zur Förderung erneuerbarer Energien und energieeinsparender Techniken e. V (VEE)), Sparkasse Bottrop (Bottrop Savings Bank), City of Bottrop, Arche Noah
Project statusThree schools (August-Everding-Realschule (intermediate secondary school), Gregorschule, Willy-Brand-Gesamtschule(comprehensive school) ), Arche Noah and Innovation City Management GmbH have each received an energy box (total value: 5,000 euros). The boxes are kept in readiness centrally and can, if required, also be borrowed by other schools/institutions.
Contact personGerwin Conrad