Project details

BMS Future Building (commercial building)

Project target

"The aim of the project is to demonstrate that it is possible with the use of innovative technologies and/or the innovative interplay of existing technologies to produce, in a building in the city centre with a typical mixed use of housing and industry or commerce, more energy than is required. The building is being converted within the project into a plus-energy building."

Time period2012 to 2014
Target groupBuilding owners, commercial tenants, architects, energy consultants, craftsmen/tradesmen
Project idea

"The show houses/buildings are used as illustrative material showing successful energy-related refurbishment in the pilot area. They represent the current state of research and serve as test fields for innovations. Interested experts and non-professionals get the opportunity to experience modern building services in operation and to obtain information about the possibilities of efficient building refurbishment. Via a competition a suitable building was determined. This is currently being refurbished and modernised comprehensively with the substantial support of the corporate partners to produce a future building (aim  = plus-energy building). The success of the measures is being determined and documented by extensive monitoring (approx. 24 months)."             


Project partnersOliver Helmke GmbH (real estate owner, leader of consortium), Bayer MaterialScience (business leader) with the Eco Commercial Building Network, NRW.Bank and other companies, architects - general planners, monitoring by a research institute
Project statusCompleted, opening in the summer of 2015
Contact personRüdiger Schumann