Project details

Future Houses/Buildings Competition

Project target

Activation of a high percentage of the building owners in the pilot area for participation in the Future Houses/Buildings Competition. Set-up and carrying-out of the selection process (incl. the decision by a jury) for the determination of suitable buildings for possible refurbishment of the stock of suitable existing buildings as plus-energy buildings.

Time period16.03.2012 - 16.04.2012
Target groupAll of the owner-occupiers of the building types one-family house, multi-family house, residential building / commercial building
Project idea

Activation of the owners of housing space by the option for financially assisted  high-value energy-related refurbishment of existing building stocks of the types one/two-family house,  multi-family house and residential building / commercial building  aiming at "Plus-energy houses/buildings". Determination of the show houses/buildings by a competition across the project area  (decision by jury).

Project partnersBusiness partners: RWE Effizienz, Vivawest, Bayer Material Science, NRW.BANK; industrial partners: e.g. Rockwool, Bayer MaterialSience, Rhein-Ruhr Collin, Stiebel-Eltron, RWE, ELE, Saint Gobain Weber, .
Project statusCompleted upon the announcement of the winners on 26.09.2012
Contact personRüdiger Schumann