Project details

SusLab - Wohnlabor (Sustainability Laboratory - Living Laboratory)

Project target

•Funding of transnational activities and supraregional cooperation with reference to the regional peculiarities and cultural variety • setting-up of a regional sustainability-living laboratory infrastructure at four locations in Europe: (Rotterdam (NL), the Ruhr (DE), London (UK), and Göteborg (SE)). • development of a joint research methodology for the user and player-integrated development of sustainable products and services and data sharing architecture • piloting at the four regional locations according to the example of "Heating / room heat" for the development of marketable products, processes and services. Aims at InnovationCity Ruhr: development of preferably low-investment measures for the enhancement of energy and resource efficiency in the building (methods e.g. for individual consumption control and optimisation of the heating system) with particular invovement of the corporate partners.

Time period01/2012 - 03/2015
Target groupBuilding owners, tenants, companies (in particular manufacturers of heating systems, housing companies), research institutes, political decision makers, citizens
Project idea

"A lot of product and service innovations developed for consumption are not accepted by people, although they would seemingly provide the consumers with a benefit from technical, social and financial points of view. A decisive reason is that they do not, in the final analysis, meet the specific needs in daily routines and existing  basic structural conditions. In many cases they are additionally also put to use in a way different from that expected, which can lead to undesirable (rebound) effects. Extensive market, consumption and sustainability potentials hence remain unused. The structuring of interactive value-added chains by user-integrated product/service development provides starting points for developing solution strategies and possible scenarios with regard to specific and implementable sustainability innovations. The aim of the project is the implementation and piloting of a networked research and development infrastructure that serves the user and player-integrated development of sustainable product/service systems in Europe,  that strengthens the intra-regional as well as the inter-regional competitiveness and increases the ecological sustainability in the economic areas involved.

Project partnersDelft University of Technology; InnovationCity Management GmbH; Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy; Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences; Institute for Sustainability; Imperial College London; Design London at Royal College of Art; participating residents and companies
Project statuscompleted
Contact personUlrich Kaak