Project details

Sun welds steel

Project target

Meeting of the energy needs with regenerative energies. On a roof area of 1,500 square metres almost 300 modules with a total output of 70,000 watts (corresponding to 70 kWp) and an amount of energy of approx. 60.000 kWh / year Jahr generate more electricity than Technoboxx GmbH consumes. The CO2 reduction on the energy side is supplemented by the use of renewable raw materials in the pellet and log burner for the underfloor heating in the hall and in the office buildings.

Time periodJuli 2011
Target groupSmall and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
Project idea

Construction of a photovoltaic installation in order to supply to high-energy production processes such as welding, rolling or turning aiming at achieving a company that is energy-autonomous.

Project partnersTechnoboxx GmbH & Co.KG, Stadt Bottrop
Project statusImplemented
Contact personUlrich Kaak