Project details

Photovoltaic power plant in the road called Am Quellenbusch

Project target

Construction of a large-area photovoltaic unit on one of the no longer required extension areas of the West Cemetery.

Time periodBy 2014
Target groupe.g. the residents' photovoltaic cooperative "Bottroper Sonnenkraft eG" and/or ELE
Project idea

In order to achieve the goal of InnovationCity of generating electricity consumed in the project area also in the project area, besides the successive saving of energy a systematic expansion of renewable energies is required. This is the starting point for the project "Photovoltaic power plant in the road "Am Quellenbusch". The aim is to put an extension area no longer required to a new and meaningful use. At the present point in time the area has already been developed but due to its current definition as a cemetery area is not used and willl not be used in the future, either. As the area to be planned is a conversion area, in this case feeding-in remuneration is possible due to the provisions in the Renewable Energies Act (EEG), and/or according to the last amendment for plants on free areas are possible at all only on conversion areas. There would not be any harmful effects on the daily cemetery work flow as a result of the construction of the photovoltaic modules, as access to the areas is possible via the road "Am Quellenbusch". Also any visual detrimental effect of the completed photovoltaic power plant is being counteracted in the form of rows of green vegetation to the north. Due to the position of the green vegetation no casting of shadows would  be possible.            

Project partnersDepartment of the Environment and Green Areas, Urban Planning Office, Innovation City Management GmbH, an external project planning office and as possible investors, for example, ELE and/or the Residents' Photovoltaic Cooperative "Bottroper Sonnenkraft eG" (Bottrop Solar Energy)
Project statusCurrently a procedure for a development plan amendment is being prepared. In parallel the first talks with possible investors as well as non-binding planning with a project planner specialising in photovoltaic projects are in progress. In one of the first steps of the project it will have to be clarified to what extent the planning of the photovoltaic power plant would be linked to the project of the photovoltaic noise abatement wall. Bringing together of the two projects would, on the one hand, only marginally reduce the profitability of the plant built on the open space, but on the other hand it would make the photovoltaic noise abatement wall an economically viable project.
Contact personTilman Christian