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Solar atlas

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Web-based information tool on the suitability of roof surfaces for photovoltaic units

Time periodSince mid-2011
Target groupResidents, owners, traders
Project idea

In the Bottrop solar atlas the solar potential for 126,000 roof areas in the entire area of the city was determined. The calculations were made on the basis of a 3D model of the city. In order to determine the suitability of roof areas for the installation of photovoltaic plants the total of the annual irradiation and the extent of shading are taken into account. As the yardstick for the dividing of roof areas into suitability classes a roof ideally facing south and without any shade with a roof inclination of 31° is used which shows the maximum possible annual irradiation of 1,073 kWh/m².

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Project statusOngoing project
Contact personRainer Jesenek