Project details

Operation of 100 micro-cogeneration plants

Project target

Installation of various types of equipment in the field of micro-cogeneration (Stirling engine, Otto engine, fuel cell) as a comprehensive field test in Bottrop. Scientific support to optimise and support the introduction of energy-effficient gas-plus-application technologies. A secondary aim is the development and assessment of technology concepts which are adapted to the future application situation for the new building area but in particular also for the existing building stock and are highly efficient as regards primary energy.

Time period2013 to 2015
Target groupBuilding owners, housing associations, scientific circles, companies
Project idea

Going beyond the established condensing heating technology 100 innovative gas heating systems are being installed in existing buildings which combine power and heat generation which is referred to as cogeneration. As a result of this combining the systems have a particularly high efficiency  so that fuel and hence also CO2 are saved. The main investigation aspect of the project is the application potential of the various technologies or combinations of technologies and services in the overall system of "users/buildings/plant engineering" with the integration of regenerative energies and an assessment of new energy recovery and storage technologies. Upon the conclusion of the laboratory tests recommendations for action will be made which in the next step are underpinned in the field and/or practice test. In the field test, 100 buildings in Bottrop will be equipped with ultra-modern micro-cogeneration units and the units will be operated and tested with scientific support for at least two heating periods. For that purpose suitable buildings in the range of one-family and two-family houses and smaller multi-family houses are being sought.


Project partnersGerman Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches e. V.), Gaswärme-Institut Essen e.V., Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences, manufacturers of cogeneration plants, ICR partner network crafts/trades
Project statuscompleted
Contact personUlrich Kaak