Project details

Operation of 10 HomePower cogeneration plants

Project target

Operation of 10 HomePower cogeneration plants

Time periodFrom early 2012
Target groupHouse/building owners, housing associations, traders, public sector
Project idea

ELE und RWE jointly developed the HomePower cogeneration system together with Vaillant. In this case it is a power-generating heating system that makes use of the principle of cogeneration of power and heat and in that way makes electricity, hot water and room heat available particularly  efficiently and economically. The cogeneration system based on the "Vaillant EcoPower 4.7" is supplemented by the RWE I&C unit (I&C = instrumentation and control). This is used for visualisation and operational optimisation. Hence there is a possibility of networking the plant in a so-called virtual power plant. In addition, the storage of surplus  wind power and solar electricity in the form of heat is possible through the heat storage unit being able to be charged with green power by means of the so-called green heating rod. Plant operation takes place in a contracting model and is subsidised by ELE and RWE so that the building owner does not have to bear the investment costs of the plant. In the pilot area of InnovationCity Ruhr in Bottrop a subsidy of € 5,000 is granted.   </td> </tr></tbody></table> 

Project partnersELE, RWE Effizienz, Vaillant
Project statusCompleted, plants are in operation
Contact personUlrich Kaak