Project details


Project target

Compilation and continuous management of a comprehensive database on the topics of climate protection and energy. The aim is to systematically collate all of the relevant data in one place, to process it and to ensure that it is updated. As an updatable final product there is a geo-information system that makes the data collected available to the respective target groups in the form of tables, diagrams and links in the map.

Time periodSince August 2012
Target groupEmployees of the City of Bottrop, InnovationCity Management GmbH, project partners as well as citizens of the city of Bottrop
Project idea

"In order to create a controlling system for the numerous activities in the areas of climate protection and energy efficiency a large number of processed and regularly updated data are required. A lot of data have already been received by the City of Bottrop and InnovationCity Management GmbH, some have to be collected again. In order to control the process of data collection and data management in a better and more optimised manner a new control unit is to be created under the umbrella of the energy atlas. A bundling of the data relevant to the project work in one place in that way creates a transparent overview of the current status and makes processing of the numerous project-related inquiries easier."  

Project partnersDepartment of the Environment and Green Areas, Office for Information Processing, Urban Planning Office, InnovationCity Management GmbH, ELE, STEAG district heat as well as further offices and departments of the City of Bottrop and external players
Project statusPreparatory phase (coordination with the players, preparation of the structuring, clarification of technical and administrative questions, preparation of a first cartographic presentation of locations of plants for the production of regenerative electricity in Bottrop)
Contact personKamil Folta