Project details

Waste water treatment plant as a "hybrid" power plant

Project target

The aim is to develop the "waste water treatment plant" location in such a way and to extend it by adding renewable energy carriers that the plant can largely supply itself with energy.

Time periodEnd of 2015 until mid-2017
Target group-
Project idea

The Bottrop Emscher waste water treatment plant is today already also an energy producer - for its own and for third-party requirements. Besides the production of fuel from sewage sludge and its use in energy applications in the form of electricity and heat by combustion and the production of electricity and heat from sewage gas in combined heat and power units locally in a large model experiment, hydrogen is obtained which is fed via a pipe directly into a neighbouring school complex and is there converted into electricity and heat. In future in addition sun and wind are to be used for the supply of energy to the waste water treatment plant. The different modules are to be interlinked in connection with storage technology in such a way that the station consumption of the plant is optimally covered. In that way the plant becomes as the first of its kind its own "hybrid" power plant. An essential component of the project is the replacement of the 30-year old fluidised bed furnaces.     

Project partnersEmschergenossenschaft, City of Bottrop and others
Project statusBeing planned
Contact personUlrich Kaak