Project details

Dual Demand Side Management

Project target

Development of grid-compatible building services which meet the future demands of regeneratively characterized power generation

Time periodBeginning 2011 - 2014
Target groupRuhr West University of Applied Sciences, students, scientific circles, companies
Project idea

During the last few years within the scope of research activities considerable savings potentials for final and primary energy consumption in newly constructed buildings and existing building stocks have been shown. Due to the ongoing changeover of power generation from fossil fuels to regenerative systems (wind, sun) considerable capacity fluctuations in the grid take place which have to be compensated for by means of a suitable storage technology. The aim of this project is to use the supply systems of buildings as well as the building masses themselves as an intelligent storage system that can cooperate both with a centralised, regenerative generation and with decentralised energy supply concepts. This so-called "dual demand-side management“ (dual demand control) is to combine the requirements of the local energy systems with those of the superordinated grid infrastructure. The starting point for the project is formed by a computer simulation withn which the energy system in the project area is modelled.    


Project partnersE.ON Energy Research Center, E.ON gGmbH, RWTH Aachen
Project statuscompleted
Contact personRüdiger Schumann