Project details

LED street lighting telemanagement

Project target

Introduction of different telemanagement systems for street lights using LED technology in the InnovationCity Ruhr project area.

Time period2012 to 2015
Target groupPublic roads (population)
Project idea

The financing of the measure results from the consequent energy saving. As an advantage as compared with a normal reduction of the output of luminaires in night-time operation the city hopes for several benefits . On the one hand, it is expected that the company executing the work will contribute its specialist competence in technology and economic efficiency to the solution and in that way provide additional stimuli also for the City of Bottrop's own solutions. Moreover the operation of the LED street luminaires is to be carried out oriented to the volume of users.

Project partnersCity of Bottrop
Project statusSince November 2013 the City of Bottop has been operating two telemanagement systems from the company Powersines/Israel in the Innovation City Ruhr project area. Further systems from other manufacturers are being planned.
Contact personThorsten Radau