Project details

LED street lighting modernisation

Project target

Maximum CO2 saving by the use of LED luminaires.

Time period2012 to 2020
Target groupPublic roads (population)
Project idea

By a gradual conversion of all old and inefficient street luminaires the respective up-to-date findings from the test routes (Project ST 3.1) are directly applied. Technological progress occurring in the course of the project period can thus be directly made use of. Immediate conversion of all of the suitable locations in one step was deliberately refrained from because examples of other cities have shown that then there would no longer be any possibility of benefiting from further improvement in LED technology. Decisive for the decision in favour of conversion is in each case the customised profitability calculation for the luminaires concerned, based on the service life.

Project partnersCity of Bottrop
Project statusThe first LED luminaires have reached market maturity and have been used for the modernisation of the street lights since January 2012. The total quantity of the LED street luminaires of the city of Bottrop currently amounts to 1,130 luminaires. At the moment, with the Schreder luminaire of the type Teceo the best results are achieved. Obsolete fluorescent lamp luminaires with a connected load of 71 watts can, in compliance with the applicable European standard for street lighting units DIN EN 13201, be replaced by the type of luminaire mentioned with a maximum connected load of 17 watts. In individual cases a connected load reduction down as far as 10 watts per luminaire is possible. This corresponds to an energy saving of more than 85 %.
Contact personThorsten Radau