Project details

LED street lighting - photovoltaics

Project target

Establishing of economic and ecological use criteria and limits for a street luminaire using LED technology with a photovoltaic power supply

Time period2011 to 2020
Target groupSchool children at school bus stops
Project idea

Light for children at school bus stops even where no mains connection can be established with reasonable  expenditure. At the same time, with the help of the project it is to be worked out where the use of street luminaires with photovoltaic units is economically and ecologically advisable in comparison with a conventional power supply.

Project partnerscity of Bottrop
Project statusSince November 2011 department 66 has been developing and testing lighting systems using LED technology with a photovoltaic energy supply for use at school bus stops, optimised in line with requirements, in areas far from power supply lines. Aims: optimisation of costs and benefits by the city's own project planning as well as collection of operating data for the improvement of the operational reliability of such systems.
Contact personThorsten Radau