Project details

Better air as a result of green roofs and façades

Project target

Setting-up of a building greening system in order to improve the microclimate and to reduce the "heat island effect" of urban living environments and also to bind fine particles and the careful handling of the natural raw material rainwater and also of drinking water, to which greening of the cities can contribute to a significant extent.

Time period2012 to 2014
Target groupCitizens, owners, residents in conurbations
Project idea

At present various tried and tested roof and façade greening systems are available which are planned and installed separately on top of or on the sides of buildings. Well-known synergy effects of these types of greening are, however, so far hardly being used. For example, three companies and three university research institutes in Germany and Austria are now developing, within the scope of the EraSME invitation to tender for European R+D projects, a building greening system for the improvement of the air quality and of the microclimate in cities and in resid4ential buildings. In the course of the project the influence of building greening on the urban microclimate, the water balance and the living area quality is to be comprehensively examined. In the three European cities of Madrid, Vienna and Bottrop (corner of Tannenstraße and Trappenstraße), which are located in different climate zones, the influence of façade greening in conjunction with roof greening  will be examined on identical types of greened and non-greened prototypes of buildings. Climatic parameters outside of the buildings and the conditions in the interior of the buildings will be collected. On the basis of the reliable data, obtained from the R+D results of the project, concerning functionality and benefit of roof and façade greening, a considerably improved acceptance and demand from users and decision-makers is expected.


Project partnersAIF Projekt GmbH, Bergische Universität Wuppertal (specialist group for safety technology/environmental protection ), Hydrip GmbH, Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz (Geogr. Institute), Optigrün international AG, Tech Metall Erzeugungs-Handel und Montage GesmbH, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Institute for Engineering Biology and Landscaping, City of Madrid, City of Vienna, Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences, InnovationCity Ruhr
Project statuscompleted
Contact personJohanna Hartmann