Project details

Potential analysis for climate adjustment of the inner city

Project target

Preparation of a potential analysis for greening measures in the climate "burden area of the city centre“ as well as its technical checking to ensure its feasibility (feasibility study).

Time period2012 to mid-2014
Target groupCity of Bottrop, real estate owners
Project idea

The potential analysis of the city centre for the implementation of adjustment measures of the settlement structure to the consequences of climate change pursues, on the one hand, the higher-level aim of safgeguarding the future quality of housing and life and, on the other hand, of emphasising synergies (such as desealing – rainwater seepage). The analysis comprises essentially the following aspects: - Determination of effectively existing potential for greening measures (façade, street space) as well as checking to ensure that they meet their structural/technical prerequisites such as roof stress analysis, routing of lines/pipes and sewers in the street space, - Evaluation of the roof area cadastre for measures of climate protection and in connection with CO2 reduction (solar energy), - Determination and presentation of the effectiveness and the relieving effects on the basis of exemplary model projects (building blocks) (simulation e.g. ENVI-met) The work results serve both the appropriate specialist offices of the municipality and the players and owners in the city centre. Moreover, with the study transferability to the entire city is to be pursued  (model character).

Project partnersCoty of Bottrop
Project statuscompleted
Contact personSabine Voll