Project details

Future Cities - city networks face the challenge posed by climate change

Project target

Development and implementation of strategies for adjustment to the consequences of climate change in urban regions of north-western Europe.

Time period2008 to June 2013
Target groupResidents and companies of the city of Bottrop as well as international partners
Project idea

The Future Cities - strategy combines selected urban key elements  –  green structures, water systems and energy efficiency  –  for a precautionary adjustment of urban infrastructures to climate change. The partners cooperate in order too develop, apply and improve assessment criteria for climate-compatible cities. For the urbgan regions involved action plans are being drawn up and pilot projects are being  implemented in then form of building structures. The project in this case concentrates on the adaptation of existing urban structures. In Bottrop this takes place in the project area of the Boy Business Park. There the existing drainage system is being redesigned and in that way by means of unbundling measures clean rainwater and surface water are taken off from the combined sewers and fed to the Boye. In this way, on the one hand, the pressure on the sewage treatment plant is relieved and, on the other, the natural waterways are strengthened. The measure is a first important step towards the pending conversion of the  Boye system.


Project partnersCity of Bottrop, Emschergenossenschaft (cooperative), Lippeverband (water company)
Project statuscompleted
Contact personMatthias Stumpe